Christmas gift guide

Do you have loved ones who enjoys a skincare or even just trying out as a beginner? Or are you looking for skincare products to treat yourself with this Christmas?Are you confused with the endless amount of products available in the market?

Being the dermatologist who writes about all things dermatology, skin, hair and nail care, I thought I’ll share of my top favourites skin care products I’ve enjoyed using throughout this year 2020 and help narrow down the search for a Christmas gift for you this year.

1.Cerave hydrating facial cleanser

This non foaming creamy mild cleanser has been every dermatologist’s favourite and for good reasons.

This cleanser effectively removes dirt from your face without stripping it dry. It’s perfect for dry winter months, it’s fragrance free and is perfect for people with sensitive skin, or individuals using active ingredients such as right to know it’s salicylic acid to help with the acne.

It’s currently available in India on Amazon.

It’s more on the expensive side, but the cleanser doesn’t last for at least 6 to 12 months depending on the size and in my opinion, it’s completely worth the money spent.

Price : ₹3219 /355 ml

2. Neutrogena extra gentle facial cleanser

This cleanser is easily available in India, more affordable and is also a great gentle, hydrating cleanser.

It also does not leave the face try after cleansing. This is currently available either on or at

This would be a great alternative to the above mentioned cerave cleanser.

Price: ₹ 600/ 200ml

3. Vichy 89 mineral serum

This hyaluronic serum is the best HA I’ve tried so far. It’s very light weight, spreads easily on the skin, and it gives an instant dewy hydrated look to my skin.

It’s a little of a splurge but the product does exactly what it says and you only need a drip of it and it lasts for at least 4 months even with twice daily use. I’m definitely going to buy more of it.

It is available at amazon currently

Price: ₹ 3990/100 ml

4. Bioderma photoderm max 50+ in the shade teinte claire

A tinted sunscreen containing iron oxide, provides additional protection against visible light. Its a great addition for someone who is prone to pigmentation.

A tinted sunscreen can also work as a foundation. I don’t need any makeup over this anymore.

It has a fluid like texture, it can feel too heavy for some especially if one has oily skin. A trick is to apply a base sunscreen one is comfortable with and layer a light layer of this tinted sunscreen on top.

Available on amazon, nykaa or local pharmacies

Price: 1575/ 40 mL

5. Ekran soft spf 50 sunscreen

This matte finish sunscreen is a chemical sunscreen by an Indian pharmaceutical pharmacy. It’s my favourite matte finish sunscreen. It’s best during the summers, or hot humid days when one sweats a lot.

It provides both UVA and UVB protection and is suitable for oily acne prone skin as well.

Available at amazon or local pharmacy

Price : 650/ 50 gm

6. Taiyu sunscreen spf 50

Another sunscreen by Indian pharmaceutical company, Festival was developed based on Japanese company formula.

What is the broad spectrum sunscreen, with ingredients such as are arbutin and liquor rice extract that helps with pigmentation. It’s perfect for people with pigmentation issues.

Pregnant women should avoid using the sunscreen due to the presence of arbutin and it’s formula.

It has a fluid like texture yet light and does not feel to have you on the skin. Even acne prone patients would enjoy using the sunscreen especially during the winters when a matte finish sunscreen would feel too dry.

Price: 550/ 60 gm

7. Neutrogena lip balm with spf 15

I always have a lip balm with me especially during the winters, it helps keep my lips hydrated and not chapped.

I particularly love this one since it doesn’t have colour to it.

Available at amaxon, nykaa, L’épicerie store in Shillong ( @lepicerie.shillong)

Price: 175

8. La Roche Posay toleraine sensitive cream

This is by far my favourite moisturiser. I purchased this during my trip to Europe but sadly it’s not easily available in India.

This moisturiser is enriched with glycerine, ceramides and nice niacinamide. Its fragrance free and is also great for people with sensitive skin.

Keep an eye out for this one on your next travels you might be able to get it at the pharmacies in the international terminals at the Airport. My advice is grab few of them while you can. This 40 ml pack will last for ~4 months for once a day use.

Price: 1200-2000/ 40 ml

9. E Dew cream

This is another moisturiser with ceramides, and niacinamide. It

has a light fragrance so may not be ideal for people with sensitive skin.

It does feel a little thick but I wasn’t too bothered with the overall texture especially during the winters when my skin gets a little too dry.

People with oily skin may not prefer it especially during the summers when it’s hot and humid. But overall a great moisturiser for a very reasonable price.

Available at amazon or local pharmacy

Price: 269/ 50 gm

9. Hydronic cream

This is another Indian pharmaceutical company moisturiser which is made for individuals with very dry sensitive skin.

It contains aloe vera extract, allntoin, shea butter, glycerine.

Its fragrance free and non comedogenic which means even patients with acne prone skin can use it especially to combat the dryness caused by topical acne creams such as salicylic acid, BPO or retinoids.

Available at amazon or the pharmacy

Price: 299/ 50gm

Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays

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