Vitamin B5 in skin care

Vitamin B5 is also called Panthothenic acid which comes from the greek word “Panthos” meaning everywhere which is quite the appropriate name as pantothenic acid functions as a Coenzyme A a co-factor of various biological processes in our body.

It is also referred to as “anti stress vitamin”

Vitamin B5: Pantothenic acid in Human body

Due to the abundance of vitamin B5 in our diet, deficiency is extremely rare. Additionla nutritional supplements is unnecessary if one is having a well balanced diet.

What are the functions of Vitamin B5 in our body?

Vit B5 is responsible for the production of Coenzyme A, which takes part in various biological activities in the body such as:

  • Metabolising carbohydrates
  • Gluconeogenesis ( glucose production)
  • Degradation of fatty acids
  • Synthesis of steroid hormone,
  • Synthesis of acetylcholine

What about topical Vitamin B5 for our skin?

Skin conditions that can benefit from Vitamin B creams/ointment
  • As hand cream for individuals with hand eczemas as a preventative & therapeutic option
  • As moisturisers for atopic eczema patients
  • Nipple eczema
  • For wound healing such as leg ulcers, burn wounds
  • As prevention and treatment of diaper rash

Vitamin B5 creams though rare can cause contact allergic dermatitis or irritation for some

Vitamin B5 containing products

What about Vitamin B5 for hair?

Vitamin B5 has been tried for premature greying of hair (PGH)

So is there treatment for premature greying of hair?

NO, there is still no treatment that has proved to be effective to reverse the process of premature greying of hair.

  • The study using Vitamin B5 for PGH has a very small sample size (n=39). Patients were given 200 mg calcium pantothenate + plucking out of grey hair
  • Only a few patients competed follow up (n=7)
  • At the end of 3 years, 4 had improvement, 2 worsen and no change in 1
So far the best option for premature greying of hair:

Rock those greys, hair dye, plucking out of grey hairs

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